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We’d like to inform all the aficionados of the King’s game that our Chess Evolution Academy has just started. With years of chess coaching experience of Artur Jakubiec and chess player experience of Kamil Mitoń we want to pass on the high-level knowledge in each and every aspect of playing chess.

  • Basic learning and the beginners’ level – this stage of playing chess requires the right communication, that’s why our task here is to find the most suitable teachers and trainers. Supervised by us, they will introduce the game of chess to you in such a way that is possibly interesting and encouraging.
  • Higher level training – the grandmasters’ knowledge makes selection of particular problems of the respective players and subsequent improvement of these problems possible. An orientation towards a specific kind of training is a key to success.
  • An individual work – tailored to the needs of a particular player.
  • As for the chess clubs – training help as well as the possibility of leading the team into the league tournaments.
  • Simultaneous exhibitions, organizing meetings with a distinguished persona of the chess world – we’ll try to have them as often as possible, so that our players have an opportunity to receive even more valuable instructions.
  • Training camps – we schedule the organized trips abroad to other chess resource centres, the aim being the social integration as well as broadening one’s general knowledge. Chess is not only about the game itself, but also meeting new people and getting to know new, interesting places as well as tradition, history and culture associated with them.
  • Tournaments – training is one thing, but the competition is the other and it has its educational merit too. Because of this, we’ll be organizing tournaments.
  • Contact with the parents – a start in our discipline is no different to the other spheres of life, so people who have just started their chess adventure may feel odd and lost. We’re here to explain and clarify everything, since chess is our life.

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